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Caring, Professional Guidance Through Bankruptcy for over 30 years.
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Bankruptcy Legal Action....

  • Bankruptcy Associates of Houston help people and businesses in Texas file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, 11 & 13. As Texas Lawyers, Associates of Houston have helped thousands eliminate millions of dollars of debt through bankruptcy. If you need relief from credit card debt, foreclosure, repossession, IRS Tax Problems, lawsuits or past due child support, filing for bankruptcy may be an option. Through bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy alternatives we help people to modify both secured and unsecured debt legally and effectively.
  • Advice and consultation from our office, can help decide whether chapter 7 or chapter 13 is best for your situation. Houston attorneys of our firm also help you consider non-bankruptcy alternatives before making a decision as to whether to file.
  • Before you refinance your home. or consolidate your credit cards, you should talk to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to find out what your options are. You may be able to get out of Debt Now without incurring costly debt consolidation loans, home equity mortgages, or committing yourself to extend repayment plans through consumer credit counseling. Increasing the liquidity of your financial future is the primary goal of our office.
  • Preparing for a Consultation: Our Texas bankruptcy lawyers and Houston bankruptcy attorneys are experienced professionals who will give you a free consultation. When you deal with consumer bankruptcy lawyers as with all professionals, it is to your advantage to be well prepared and knowledgeable. Also make sure you give the consumer bankruptcy lawyer full and complete information regarding your finances. Bankruptcy lawyers can give you the best help and advice only if the have all of the facts.
  • Please be reminded that the information contained on this site is only an overview. Each individuals needs and situation is unique. We are here to provide you with a free confidential consultation to review your situation and to determine which options may be right for you.
  • Filing Bankruptcy will stop creditor harassment, lawsuits, foreclosure, annoying debt collection calls, protect your property and help you rebuild ruined credit.
  • Filing Bankruptcy may help you reduce payments on car and truck loans.
  • We are a Debt Relief Agency, we assist people to file for relief under the bankruptcy code.

Home Loan Modification

  • Home Loan Modification is a way of reducing principle, interest and even arrears on a first principle mortgage without filing for bankruptcy
  • Our team of Home Loan Modification experts work hand in hand with our bankruptcy attorneys when necessary to put the necessary teeth into the Home Loan negotiation process
  • A Loan Modification is a permanent change in one or more of the terms of a Borrower's loan, allows the loan to be reinstated, and results in a payment the Borrower can afford.
  • Learn about loan modification eligibility, available programs, necessary documentation, and how to renegotiate your mortgage terms. Read more ...
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