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Financial Planning

All too often, people fail to take simple financial measures that can help them build their credit, protect their assets and achieve their long-term goals. The Texas attorneys at Associates of Houston, P.C. have over 25 years of experience helping clients of all backgrounds and financial standing throughout Houston and Texas engage in sound planning for the future.

Planning For A Better Financial Future

Money is understandably a difficult subject for many people to discuss, and it can lead to commonly held misconceptions. Many people think that buying a house is beyond their means or that they will never have the resources to start a business. This is simply not the case if you take the proper steps at the outset. The attorneys of Associates of Houston can guide you towards a better financial future by identifying steps you can take to achieve your goals. In affordable consultation, we will analyze your situation and map out a financial plan tailored to your needs and goals. We can create a plan to improve your credit rating and grow your assets. If you are in financial trouble, our firm can help you take the right steps to regain financial strength and give you hope for a fresh start.

Associates of Houston P.C. can take the mystery out of financial planning and help you achieve your financial and personal goals, whether itís owning a home, starting a business or sending your children to college.

You Can Repair Your Credit

Many people fear that filing for bankruptcy carries a stigma that will haunt them for life. This is simply not true: Henry Ford, Donald Trump, Walt Disney, and even Abraham Lincoln are among the countless Americans who have filed for bankruptcy. Associates of Houston, P.C. use bankruptcy laws for their intended purpose: to help people in financial crisis get a second chance and a fresh start.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing may be the best solution for people facing financial difficulty and mounting debt. This option can allow you to keep many important assets, including your 401k and pension, personal possessions, even your house and car. Our firm has successfully guided numerous clients through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process and beyond, helping them emerge on firmer ground equipped with the tools to secure a strong financial future.

Credit repair after bankruptcy takes time and patience, but it provides many benefits. The financial planning attorneys at Associates of Houston, P.C. analyze your individual situation and recommend steps you can take to rebuild your credit rating. These steps can also instill a sense of financial discipline and help you avoid falling back into the behavior that got you in trouble. By rebuilding your credit, you may qualify for a mortgage or car loan. By taking the proper steps, you can repair your credit. The first step you can take is contacting Associates of Houston, P.C. to discuss how to rebuild your credit for the promise of financial health.

Contact Experienced Financial Planning Attorneys

If you are interested in financial planning, asset protection or credit repair, contact the attorneys at Associates of Houston, P.C. at administrator@myhoustonbankruptcy.com, or online for more information about how we can help you achieve a brighter financial future. We serve clients in the Houston area, Harris County and other communities in Houston and Texas.

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