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Chapter 11

Associates of Houston, P.C. is a law firm of highly experienced attorneys who have helped save numerous businesses throughout Houston and Texas successfully reorganize through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If your business is suffering through financial troubles, we may be able to help you. Under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a business with assets and sufficient cash flow can continue to operate while developing a plan to regain financial viability. Unlike other kinds of bankruptcy, you remain in charge of business decisions.

Give Your Business A Second Chance

Chapter 11 gives a business the ability to reorganize, renegotiate with uncooperative creditors and rid themselves of burdensome leases and contracts. The bankruptcy court can force settlement terms on creditors even if they oppose your plan. Too many business owners wait too long to get the process started. If you seek help early enough to prevent your financial problems from snowballing, it may be possible to begin the process of restructuring to preserve your business’ financial viability and restore it to health. If a business waits too long to take action, an involuntary Chapter 11 filing, or worse yet, liquidation under Chapter 7 may be the only remaining options.

By seeking out the skilled and experienced attorneys at Associates of Houston, P.C., you may be able to prevent having to go through liquidation. Our attorneys carefully examine the business’ finances and operations and begin the process of creating a debt reorganization plan that fits your needs. Our experience as Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorneys gives us the ability to know what the Court looks for in a reorganization plan. The right attorney can give you a far better negotiating position with key lenders than you would have alone or with an inexperienced lawyer. We know how to handle creditors at the negotiating table and overcome their objections. We will advise and represent you throughout the entire Chapter 11 bankruptcy process and beyond, providing you with the tools and guidance to preserve your newfound financial standing.

Contact Experienced Houston Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are concerned with the financial situation and debt burden of your business, do not wait until the problems get out of control to take action. Associates of Houston, P.C. can help your business preserve itself as a working enterprise and get a second chance at a sound financial future. For more information about what our law firm can do for you and your business, please contact our Houston office at administrator@myhoustonbankruptcyattorney.com or online. We serve clients in the Houston area, Harris County and other communities throughout the Southern District of Texas.

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