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Business Reorganization

The bankruptcy attorneys at Associates of Houston P.C. have over 30 years of experience helping the businesses of Houston and Texas solve their financial concerns and maintain operation. We have found that in many cases, it is possible to avoid the bankruptcy process through a business reorganization or restructuring. Our attorneys have successfully guided many businesses through the reorganization process and helped them emerge as viable and thriving enterprises, both in and out of court.

Reorganizing Your Business

We begin the reorganization process with a business and its owners by carefully examining the state of its business, its financial records and its cash flow. Our experience in this process has confirmed the importance of starting with the owner and the management team. The attorneys at Associates of Houston P.C. work hard to establish a strong working relationship with the management team from the beginning, because their cooperation will play a key role in achieving a successful outcome for the business.

Once we have determined the challenges ahead, our attorneys work together with the management team to formulate a proper strategy. This may include a restructuring of debts, a partial sale of assets, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, or a Chapter 7 liquidation. A cash flow or going concern solution is almost always better for the business than a liquidation, so we seek to achieve that result whenever possible.

Our attorneys first attend to the critical immediate obligations such as payroll and utilities. We then address the larger debts and responsibilities. The experience of our attorneys can play a major role in putting a business in a stronger negotiating position. Depending on the particular issues facing the business, we may negotiate a restructured loan from the primary lender to gain financial breathing space. We may recommend an accommodation with or concession from the union representing the employees. In cases involving tax problems or obligations, we may seek to negotiate with the IRS. Whatever the situation may be, the experienced and skilled attorneys of Associates of Houston can make sure you are not alone facing difficult financial problems and large government organizations, putting your business in the best position during the negotiating process and beyond.

Many of our business clients have put not only their money, but their hearts and souls into building their companies. The attorneys at Associates of Houston, P.C. understand both the financial and emotional investments that go into creating a business. Whenever possible, we will work to restore and maintain the viability of the company through business reorganization, debt restructuring or an out-of-court plan.

Contact Experienced Attorneys To Help Your Business Reorganize And Thrive

Associates of Houston can help your business find a solution to its financial concerns and offer hope for a fresh start. For more information about our services, contact us at administrator@myhoustonbankruptcyattorney.com or online. We serve clients in the Houston area, Harris County and other communities throughout Southern Texas and Texas.

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